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Baptiste Captain Navy
DOB: May 10th,2004
Registration (CAN) 14211 (USA) 172207 Homozygous:Cr/Cr and A/A SOLD
Navy has size, disposition, and tremendous Morgan style to add to his unique genetic color gene.  Navy could be called the “Bling Machine”.  He is homozygous for the creme gene which means that no matter what color mare you breed him to you will get color, i.e.palomino. buckskin or cremello. Also, he is homozygous for the agouti gene which means if bred to a black mare she will produce a buckskin or palomino foal.  Last year, Four Hearts Ranch leased Baptiste Captain Navy to add some palomino and buckskin Morgans to their herd.  At Four Heart’s Ranch he was groomed and trained during his lease. Born May 10th 2004 – By Pal-A-Mor’s Golden Sun and Out of Kodiak Gold Rush Walker – Until Pal-A-Mor retired, this was our best combination for producing excellent offspring. Navy has been genetically tested at U of K   He is Cr/Cr and A/A – meaning he cannot produce a black foal even when bred to a true black Mare. He is double registered with both the Canadian Morgan Horse Assoc. and the American Morgan Horse Assoc. He is in Saskatchewan near Swift Current on a lease until mid August 2010.  Then we will bring him home for some outside breedings and some Baptiste breedings.  Call if you would like a foal by him in 2011. Navy’s calm behaviour represents Baptiste bred, born and raised Morgans. Contact us for information.
Pal-A-Mor’s Golden Sun
(Nugget) ~ Our Foundation Stallion ~
Retired View more photos. HE IS RETIRED
(Can # 9370  ) (Glori-Del Sir John  X Corrells Mae)
Renegade Commando
DOB: April 15th, 2006

Renegade is retired from breeding – he is for sale as a gelding. view more photos and pedigree HE IS RETIRED
Registration (CAN) 15165 (USA) 171701, born at Beaches Triple T Ranch in
Monaco Rangelake Dancer (Ranger)
DOB: July 3, 2001
CND # 12715