Our Mares

Baptiste Brooke TreCom
DOB: 2011
CND # 16863Baptiste Brooke TreCom is for sale.
View Baptiste Brooke TreCom’s registration certificate (PDF)
Baptiste Skye Rush Walker
Baptiste Skye Rush Walker 
DOB: July 18, 2005
CND # 15119

A cremello maiden mare out of our best mare and by our original stallion, Pal-A-Mor`s Golden Sun. Because of Skye`s unique color genetics, if you know the genetic color of a stallion, one can predict the color of the foal. Skye is now away for professional training.Baptiste Skye Rush Walker is for sale.View Baptiste Skye Rush Walker’s registration certificate (PDF)
Baptiste Elbea Ditto
DOB: May 20, 2006
CMHA # 15123SOLD
Her dam – Blaze is a  Speedking Grandfilly This quality filly is ready for training. Leads, trailers, bathes. Should mature to 15HH. Ditto is a willing, cooperative filly. Always interested in attention. Excellent conformation. Excellent personality. Elbea Ditto has spent the summer on 400 acres with our stallion Baptiste Captain Navy. We are expecting a palomino foal during the spring or summer of 2013. Please contact us for more information.

Baptiste EnToo DiNav 

Ditto’s 2013 foal was a colt. He is now a gelding and is for sale. He is Baptiste EnToo DiNav. He has not been started under saddle. 

He is for sale.
Kodiak Lady Alta Walker 
(Lady)DOB:April 18,1993  
Speedking (CND #3679) X Canalta Lady Be Good (CND #1222)
one of Baptiste Lake’s original five fillies.view more photos

She is by Speedking, a Foundation Morgan stallion.  In 1993, Speedking was owned by Kodiak Morgans in Alberta.  She has produced eleven off-spring all with excellent conformations and friendly personalities – willing to learn and easily taught.She is bred to Baptiste Captain Navy. According to Cremello genetics, her 2013 foal will be a palomino. This foal, coming in 2013, is a Speedking granddaughter.Another Speedking granddaughter arrived June 10, 2013. She is registered as Baptiste G.I. Jane LaNav, a beautiful palomino filly with a Star and Connected Stripe and Snip. He has 4 black hooves. 

She is for sale.
Kodiak Gold Rush Walker
DOB: April 3,1993.Speedking (CND #3679) X Timberline Nigerina ( CND #3284)
Treasure is one of our foundation mares.She is by Speedking – a foundation Morgan stallion.  Treasure is true to her name. She is patient to the extreme.  She has been ridden as a Therapeutic horse. Treasure has given us nine foals: three cremellos, three palominos and one chestnut.  Her foals are very popular and so sell quickly.
Kodiak Gold Model Walker
DOB: June 18,1993  
Speedking (CND #3679) X Voyagerette Daisy (CND  #1837)view more photos
Goldie is a 1993 palomino mare by Speedking. She is a dark palomino who retains her dark golden color throughout the year. Her friendliness and willness to learn is a common trait with our Kodiak mares which all of the mares pass onto their progeny.  Her excellent conformation is obvious.She is for sale – because of her age we look for forever home. She deserves to live out her life in retirement. She has been ridden through her time here.
Baptiste Mohawk NuDancer 
DOB May 19,1999SHE IS SOLD 
( Pal A Mor’s Golden Sun X SunHills Shadow Dancer) Chestnut mare – She has produced 3 stud colts – trained . Mohawk has spent the summer on 400 acres with our stallion Baptiste Captain Navy. We are expecting a palomino foal during the spring or summer of 2013. Please contact us for more information.
Baptiste Blaze La Pal 
Born June 16th,1998
           SHE IS SOLD
(Pal-A-Mor’s Golden Sun X Kodiak Lady Alta Walker) She is a chestnut brood mare shown teaching her current foal to lead. She is gentle and relaxed
Sun Hills ShowDancer
DOB: June 4th 1994Tiger Lily Showtime (CND #3864) X Day Dreamer’s Megan ( CND #3105)view more photosSHE IS SOLD
Sun Hills ShowDancer is a 1994 palomino Morgan mare.  She has a lovely thick long mane and tail.  We purchased her sight unseen from Gartners in Saskatchewan. Her pedigree impressed Larry.  She has been one of our best brood mares.  She is a Gaited Morgan Mare and her movement is a joy to watch.  Dancer needs an opportunity to develop her gaited talents –  in a new home  with a trainer experienced in gaited horses.    She has given us many impressive foals.   For example, Baptiste Mitzie GoldHill, a darker palomino in Switzerland, Baptiste Shadow NuShow  and Baptiste Kain NuShow, both cremello mares.    We are looking for a potential buyer or trainer who has expertise in developing this natural talent.
Baptiste Shadow TigerLily 
DOB: May 28th 1997 
Pal-A-Mor’s Golden Sun (CND #9370) X Sun Hills ShowDancer ( CND #9229)view more photosSHE IS SOLD
Baptiste Baldwin’s Image   She is the first registered cremello mare listed with Canadian Livestock Records.  In 1998 the rules changed to include the registration of Cremello Morgan horses.  We knew that Shadow was special and we were delighted when the Morgan world recognized the beauty in  blue eyed cremellos. Shadow is currently getting ready for the 2009 parade in Athabasca.  She carries either the Canadian flag or the Lions Club flag on parade day.
Baptiste Kain Nu Show

DOB: May 13, 1998 view more photosSHE IS SOLD
(Pal-A-Mor’s Golden Sun x Sun Hills Show Dancer) ~ Cremello Mare ~ 
CMHA # 11505 
Kain is named after the Canadian Ballerina Karin Kain – She has beautiful movement as well as a stage presence; both traits of Canada’s prima ballerina.  Kain has been trained both Western and English. She would do well in a show ring due to her excellent conformation as well as her blue eyes, crème body and flaxen mane and tail.  She is a Cremello Morgan mare and as such, the color of her offspring can be predetermined.  She produces exceptional foals. We are willing to breed any Baptiste mare prior to delivery.  There is no cost for this service. If Kain is bred to Renegade Commando, a palomino stallion, the foal should be palomino.  Bred to Baptiste Captain Navy, our cremello stallion, the foal should be Cremello.
Baptiste Kelly’s Investment
DOB June 16,2004SHE IS SOLD
(Monaco Rangelake Dancer X Baptiste Kain Nu Show) 
Palomino Mare – Basic Training – one foal 2008 .