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SeanSummer 2014

Larry (holding Canadian flag in photo) and Nugget, our original stallion - who is now a gelding - had an opportunity to participate in the Meanook 100th Anniversary Parade.

March 16, 2013

We thank all the customers we have met during last twenty years of breeding Baptiste Morgans.  All of you have treated us fairly and our goal to do the same has been reached.  Many of you have become friends.

Baptiste has become a sign of quality, friendly Morgans with excellent conformation and excellent minds - willing and wanting to learn.  Many of you have sent wonderful comments.  We are sharing a few of these.

Regarding stallion Baptiste Sean Conn.Blue - 2007

SeanLORNA says: Rayanne showed us how she does liberty training and how he follows her like a puppy where ever she goes. Then Rayanne rode him and Stephanie rode him next. I was surprised that Rayanne told me to get on him as I have to be helped on. As she said" he is quiet enough for you to ride”, he has no mean bones in his body. Sean was a totally different horse with me on him then with others. He was careful like he was walking on eggshells, when I moved the saddle over to centre it; he stopped gently and waited then started walking again. I have finally been able to ride him! It was the first great day I have had since I bought him. Well worth waiting for.

Sean has the gentlest disposition of any the horses Rayanne has trained. She said he would not harm anything. Also he does not frighten at things or noises. All those qualities must be in his breeding as he has been like that since we brought him home as a two year old. Rayanne said thank-you for letting her train him and I say thank-you for selling him to me.

Regarding geldings: Baptiste Crown Royal -2006-(Whiskey) and Baptiste Timothy Shager -2007

Whiskey and Jim

DAN says: I wanted to tell you that over the past couple of days I have been working with Tim, he now stands like a statue when mounting him in preparation for riding, and does not move until told to do so. As well you can get on him from the left and right. He just learns so fast I am always amazed. They both fight for attention and I love giving lots of it. I am hoping to get Whiskey to stand like Tim.  He has lots of energy and likes to get moving right off the start. They both walk incredibly fast, other horses always have to trot to catch up, it’s wonderful.


Regarding gelding Baptiste Baldwin’s Image (Yukon Gold) – 2005

Yukon GoldCHERYL says: I just wanted to thank you for breeding such a nice horse. We just purchased him this fall. .I moved him to Calgary, Alberta, from Saskatchewan. He is so smart, willing and eager to please. It is obvious he had a good start with his training and I thank you for that as well.       Everyone who has met him – from the hauler to the Ferrier – have loved him and commented on what a nice looking horse he is. The Ferrier commented on his excellent conformation and excellent feet and legs – thought he’d make a great reining horse. The hauler said he was the best horse to haul that she has ever handled – just walked right into the trailer with no worries at all. I am doing natural horsemanship training with him and he is a quick study. He’s also the most sensitive horse I have ever owned. I open my shoulder and hip and he starts to turn – amazing! He will look so pretty in English tack as a dressage horse. He is so smooth to ride – such a nice long stride with great extension, too.

Regarding stallion Baptiste Jay Cheyadow:

JayJay is simply adorable. We are very happy to have this mellow, happy stallion standing at our farm.  This guy is a rare cremello or tan color with blue eyes. Jay throws color, size to his foals, bone and mellow brains along with his halter conformation.

From his previous owner:  We totally agree: "Jay is a real gentleman. Jay has the softest blue eyes plus always loves attention and affection. He is 2nd Generation Baptiste Lake Morgan crème. Goes to Pal-A-Mor's Golden Sun twice. Excellent pedigree includes; Speedking, Merry Knox, Waseekas Showtime, Morgan Gold, Flyhawk, Jubilee King, etc.  'Jay has the most perfect feet,' says our Ferrier! He is very balanced and has lots of endurance, solid bone with comfortable gaits. A very sweet boy!  He is 14.3 but throws very tall foals!"

Regarding stallion Baptiste Blue Hawaii (Levi)

LeviPOLLY writes: Levi came home in May and we bred one mare to him. He had a year with Kristal (his trainer) and she loved him so much not only did she breed two mares to him she has kept both foals to include in her breeding program. His value lies as a breeding stallion, putting an exemplary disposition on his foals as well as a lovely neck set and good bone. He also passes on his great hindquarter. I bred him to my good mare LBF Gay Catalina and we will expect a palomino in the early spring. I certainly will let you know. I sent Levi back to Kristal where he is spending the winter. As I only have one stallion paddock and needed it for my stallion I decided the best was to send him to Kristal who just loves him. She works him in hand once a week. That way he keeps his manners.


August 2012,

We have had many positive comments as the word gets out that we are cutting down on our numbers. To all the Morgan owners, breeders, and enthusiasts, we thank you for your positive comments and the interesting times you have given us over the past years. We feel we can travel many places in North America, and be near good Morgan friends.

We have enjoyed our time as a breeder - we were very lucky at the beginning - we bred, raised and owned the first cremello Morgan mare registered in Canada. Shadow was lucky enough to be born the first year the Canadian Morgan Assoc. recognized and registered the cremello color. With our decision to down size, Shadow now has a new home - Must say we miss having her here!

We own about ten Morgan geldings and mares who will need new homes. Last year we had one foal, a cremello filly. This year, we had no foals – didn’t seem like spring down on the farm!

To all our Morgan friends, please keep in contact – we love to hear what you are doing with our Morgan ‘kids’.

Best Wishes,

Larry and Marg


January 2011

Wishing You …a Happy and Prosperous 2011 Year!

Marg and I have had a great time raising, riding and delivering our Morgans across Canada and athe the United States. One day we hope to visit our stallion in Australia and our mare in Switzerland.
We are retiring. We want to keep about four horses for our retirement activities, but sadly the rest are for sale. The price is whatever will get horse to a safe and caring home. It has been great time for over twenty years.
Please spread the word of our retirement. I will complete six years as a Municipal Councillor in the fall of 2013. After that my free time will be for our own riding, travelling, and Grandchildren. Thank you in advance for helping us send our horses to an environment appreciated by all.

Best Wishes,
Marg and Larry Armfelt,


Penny & Dan





Penny had been in Grande Prairie about three months for training. We drove up to bring her home. Having space in the trailer, Dan came for a ride. when the two saw each other there was this unexpected greeting. Photo by Marg Armfelt - owner at time of photo - Baptiste Lake Morgans.




Baptist Centennial Priz born May 2005 is now owned by Elizabeth Robb of Elnoresh Morgans. We delivered Penny to Liz in December of 2009. Thank you Liz for purchasing Penny, we enjoyed our midnight visit!

Baptiste Dapper Thorpe Born July 2005 is now owned by Nicole Smith. Thank you Nicole for your recent Purchase of Dan.


June 2010

Both of our stallions are away from home at this time.         

Renegade Commando is away becoming a well mannered Western style riding Morgan.  He is due home in two or three weeks.

Baptiste Captain Navy is away adding some color to a few Morgan mares near Swift Current Saskatchewan.  He will be home mid-August, ready for some Baptiste breeding and well as some outside ones.  If you want guaranteed color in your 2011 foals, give us a call.  Navy is homozygous for the crème and the agouti genes.  He can not sire a black foal.  With a genetically black mare, the foal color would be 66% buckskin or 33% palomino.

Our Mitzie that went to Europe in 2008 has arrived in Switzerland and lives very near her owner. Ruby born in 2009 (Renegade Commando X Baptiste Mitzie GoldHill) is now a golden palomino with white mane and tail.  Mitzie has a new nick name.  She is Baptimi to her Swiss fans.

girls with foalsThank you to the Big Sky Morgan Horse Association.  In their new directory, they placed a photo of a group of our palomino and cremello foals.  The ladies in the photo had lots of fun playing with the foals.

The only way to tell one color from another with the light palominos is by eye color.  Palominos have brown eyes and cremellos have blue.


February, 2010:

We have completed our first sale of 2010.  We wanted a special family home for our long time mare Kodiak Gold Model Walker.  We found exactly the special home we wanted for Goldie -   A young couple with three children; 6 years,  4 years and under one. 

There was no time to saddle up - the boys wanted a first ride ASP - so it was a bare back ride.  The oldest boy wants to be known as Roy as in Roy Rogers -  a palomino Morgan is the perfect horse in his world.

We have more Morgans for sale in a variety of Colors all with exceptional conformation and exceptional personalities. We Deliver.


the boys